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Keto Meal Plans
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The Problem

For busy folk, planning, organizing and then executing a structured diet becomes cumbersome and hence unsustainable. The stress or choosing what to eat in every meal and the monotony in the meals may lead you astray from your fitness goal. The overload of information also does not help the process of making the right choices simpler.

The Solution

3SqrMeals – Your trusted prompt service that extensively studies nutrition and curates menus to suit your fitness goal. Meals are delivered to you for Lunch / Dinner, ensuring the freshest ingredients, the right portion control while ensuring great taste and an extensive variety of cuisines. Just pick from a plan to suit your fitness goal and enjoy nutritious meals everyday.

Why Us?

We are a team that loves food and believes that every meal is an opportunity to nourish our body and soul. We offer a variety of subscription plans - Balanced, Keto (High Fat, No Carb), Low Carb High Protein, Zero Carb High Protein, & Personalized 3 meals per day, guaranteeing results and great taste and extensive variety.