5 reasons why you should start running in 2019

We are all aware that running is a great way to maintain your weight since it helps burn calories. However, there are plenty of other reasons why you should incorporate running in your daily life.
Let us give you more reason to start running in 2019.

1. Gets you smarter & sharper
In today’s day and age, our attention span is becoming increasing lower. Maintaining focus and tuning out of distractions is a real challenge.
Running is an activity that requires a lot of muscle and brain co-ordination and thus, improves your brain connectivity. Running also helps you sleep better. If you are sleeping better, you stay mentally alert and focused through the day.
Furthermore, a groundbreaking study published in The Journal of Physiology found that running promotes neurogenesis—the formation of new brain cells. So you’re not born with a set amount—you can actually keep generating new brain cells and running helps you do that. Thus helping your cognitive skills.

2. Makes you a happier person
Running is also known to elevate your mood. A good run boosts your energy and pumps up your endorphins making you feel good. Running is therefore recommended therapy to beat depression and anxiety.

3. Keeps yout heart healthy
According to an article published in Clinics in Sports Medicine, long distance running has a positive effect on the heart and helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Slow and steady jogging on the treadmill or the road can work your heart properly, help mobilize the fat, and prevent artery clogging.

4. Stronger muscles & bones
Running helps strengthen the bones and joints. Numerous studies have found that it has the upper hand over walking or any other exercise when it comes to boosting the strength of the bones and joints. It helps improve the bone density.

When you run, you use a variety of muscles all of which may undergo hypertrophy, or growth. Even if your leg muscles do not bulk up as a result of your running, you will increase their strength, tone and endurance

5. Stress relief
Running gives you a high, known as the Runner’s High. The moment you feel stressed, go for a 20 min run and experience the difference. Once you get used to running for at least 10 minutes a day, you will feel the urge to run every day and also have a competitive spirit to outdo the previous day’s performance.

Running, as a form of exercise is easy to adopt and has far reaching benefits. If you have not already made it part of your daily routine, the time is now.

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