About Us

3SqrMeals is a healthy food delivery service in Mumbai.

Our mission is to break the myth that healthy food cannot be delicious. We encourage wholesome eating that includes a mix of Carbohydrate, Protein & Fat. But, also offer specific options in Keto Meals, Low Carb High Protein Meals, Zero Carb High Protein Meals, Balanced Meals etc. to suit varied dietary requirements.

We are keenly focused on 3 aspects – Health, Taste & Convenience. To make healthy eating sustainable we provide cost effective, flexible subscription plans that help you plan your meals and schedule them as per your specific dietary requirements.

Our Food Philosophy

We are a team that loves food. Every meal is an opportunity to nourish our body and soul. Therefore every meal is made ensuring maximum nutrition and great taste.

All our meals are calorie counted and portioned, ensuring wholesome nutrition. The meals are hygienically prepared and packed in disposable containers. Ingredients used are seasonal and fresh. Every dish on our menu is curated considering balanced nourishment and wide variety.

You will find use of healthier ingredients like Whole Wheat Pastas, Whole Wheat Noodles, Brown Rice, Quinoa etc. on our menu. As far as possible, healthier cooking techniques like grilling, steaming, poaching etc are utilized for the preparation of items on our menu.

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Eating Healthy Everyday

At 3SqrMeals, we believe “eating healthy” needs to be made part of our daily lives. It is not to be followed as a fad. In order to make eating healthy everyday a convenient option, we offer a variety of subscription plans.

Subscription plans allow you to plan meals of your choice to suit your schedule and dietary requirements at discounted rates.

Check our subscription plans – Keto Meal Plans, Low Carb High Protein Meal Plans, Zero Carb High Protein Meal Plans, Balanced Meal Plans, Personalized 3 meals per day plans and A La Carte Plans.

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