1. What meal options do you serve?
  2. We offer healthy meal options like High Protein, Low Carb, Salad meals etc. While our meals can complement the weight loss process, they are not designed specifically for weight loss. That being said, we are always happy to customize our meal plans to suit your specific dietary requirements.

  3. Is it necessary to buy a subscription plan? Can I buy a single meal?
  4. Of course! You can order a single meal Or enjoy discounts up-to 20% on our subscription plans.

    In-case of single meals you may have to pre-order depending on your delivery location.

  5. What locations does 3SqrMeals cover?
  6. We currently operate only in Mumbai. Based on currently available delivery levels, our delivery areas are divided into three zones. Please refer the below chart:

    Zone A

    Location: Prabhadevi, Dadar, Mahim, Lower Parel, BKC, Bandra W, Matunga.
    Operational 10 AM to 10 PM. Orders can be placed for immediate delivery.
    Delivery Timeline: Immediate – Within 60 mins & Lunch (Delivery by 1pm) Dinner (Delivery by 8 pm)

    Zone B

    Location: Worli, Wadala, Mahalaxmi, Khar, Santacruz W – SV Road.
    Delivery Timeline: Lunch (Delivery by 1pm) Dinner (Delivery by 8 pm)

    Zone C

    Location: Andheri E – SEEPZ, Andheri E – MIDC, Andheri E – Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri E – Chandivali / Saki Vihar Road, Churchgate, Fort, Goregaon E – Western Express Highway, Goregaon W – New Link Road, Goregaon W – SV Road, Malad W – New Link Road, Malad W – SV Road, Nariman Point.
    Operational for Lunch delivery only. Orders to be placed before 9 AM
    Delivery Timeline: Lunch (Delivery by 1pm)

    Please note the reliable Mumbai Dabbawala Network does Zone B & Zone C deliveries for us. If your office/building has a dedicated spot for the deliveries to be dropped off, the delivery will be dropped off at that point. The delivery spot will be communicated to you on first delivery.

  7. How do subscriptions work?
  8. Subscriptions allow you to buy bulk meals at a discount.

    – You can subscribe for lunch or dinner delivery. (Depending on the location). Please refer to above question for location details.

    Lunch deliveries will be made by 1 pm and Dinner deliveries before 8 pm. If your delivery location is in an office premise, most likely you will get your delivery before 6.30 pm. You can call us (on 9987536035) and confirm your delivery timing.

    We offer 2 types of plans – Set Menu & A-la-Carte.

    In a set menu plan, you leave the choice of meal to us. We send you a meal everyday (Monday to Friday) for lunch or dinner (as per the plan selected – Balanced/Hi-Protein/KETO).

    You can give us broad preferences in cuisine or kind of meals to help us make choices on your behalf. You can put down your preferences in the free text Remark field while placing the order.

    In an A-la-carte plan, you get credited with equivalent amount of the value of the subscription credited to your wallet. You can then place orders of your choice from the menu (depending on the location) as and when required.

    While making payment, ensure you pick the 3SqrMeal Wallet option. Your wallet balance will be displayed on your screen on login at all times. (Upper Right Corner)

  9. How can a subscription meal be rescheduled on a Set Menu Plan?
  10. Timelines: Before 9 AM for Lunch & 4 PM for Dinner

    1. Login 2. Dashboard 3. Subscriptions
    Click on the Sub ID. Double click on the calendar to reschedule and click to the next free day you would like delivery.

    You can also call us on 9987536035 or email us at info@3sqrmeals.com

  11. How can an order placed under an A-la-Carte plan be cancelled?
  12. Timelines: Before 9 AM for Lunch & 4 PM for Dinner

    If you have an A-la-Carte plan and have placed an order you would like to cancel, please call us on 9987536035 or email us at info@3sqrmeals.com. The order will be cancelled and your wallet balance will be reinstated to the extent of the order value.

  13. Is there a specific minimum order value for delivery?
  14. Yes. The minimum order value for delivery is Rs.200.

  15. What kind of meals can be expected on a Balanced Meal Plan?
  16. The Balanced meal plan serves meal balanced in terms of nutrition and will include a healthy balance of Carbohydrates, Protein & Fat. Fat content will remain minimum.

    In terms of cuisine, you can expect a variety of all kinds of meals ranging from Pastas, Chinese, Indian, Salads and also Hi-Protein specials occasionally. If you would like us to skip any specific meal categories, you can write to us on info@3sqrmeals.com so your chart can be updated accordingly.

  17. What kind of meals can be expected on a Hi-Protein Meal Plan?
  18. The Hi-Protein Meals are curated to be higher on protein content and low on Carbohydrates, with Fat content being maintained at minimum.

    The Macro nutrient classification is as below:

    Hi-Protein Veg: Protein-20 gms, Carbs-30 gms, Fat-20 gms, Calories- Upto 400 Kcal

    Hi-Protein Chicken: Protein-33 gms, Net Carbs-30 gms, Fat-20 gms, Calories-Upto 450 Kcal

    Meal Composition: 120 gms Veggies, 100-120 Gms Protein (Cottage/Tofu/Soya/Hi-Protein Steaks) Nveg (Chicken/Basa – Twice a Month), Small starch component contributing to <15 gms Carbohydrates.(Brown Rice/Potato/Lentil/Breads)

    Based on the above Meal Composiiton, the meals will be served in a wide variety of preparations. Please refer to the Hi-Protein Meals in our Daily Menu to get an idea of the choice of meals served.

  19. What kind of meals can be expected on a Keto Meal Plan?
  20. To begin with, please note every individual requirement on the Keto Diet is different basis the required result, body type and current level of activity.

    We recommend undergoing such a diet under medical supervision.

    Our Ketogenic meals, follow the below macro distribution. This understanding is to help you count your macros for the rest of the day and plan your meals accordingly.

    Keto Meal Veg: Protein-15 gms, Net Carbs-6 gms, Fat-40 gms, Calories-450 Kcal

    Keto Meal Non-veg (Chicken): Protein-25 gms, Net Carbs-6 gms, Fat-40 gms, Calories-475 Kcal

    Meal Composition: 100 gms Low Carb Veggies, 100-120 Gms Protein – Veg (Tofu &/or Cottage Cheese) Nveg(Chicken), Fat – 35-40 gms (Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/ Butter/Ghee.

    Based on the above Meal Composiiton, the meals will be served in a wide variety of preparations. Please refer to the Hi-Protein Meals in the Specials section of our Daily Menu to get an idea of the choice of meals served.

  21. Can I customize my subscription plan?
  22. Yes. We are happy to customize plans as per your dietary requirements. If you think you need more protein or lesser carb etc, basis your individual requirements, the same can also be arranged. Please feel free to call us on 9987536035 or leave us a note on the website so we can arrange for a representative to call you.

    Prices may vary basis the requirement.